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What soap scents do you supply?

Title: What soap scents do you supply?
URL: https://justcbdstore.uk/product/bath-bomb/
Description: Our handcrafted artisan CBD soaps contain only 100% organic and natural oils to ease any skin sensitivities and allergies. They’re also packed full of 25MG of CBD per bar. Yes, not only do our products contain natural and organic ingredients, but CBD has been seen from our customers to have rejuvenating and revitalizing effects on their skin. So if you’re suffering from dry, tired skin, our soaps and bath bombs are absolutely worth a try! Of course, just like with our other CBD products, if you experience any unwanted reactions, we recommend you lower the dose or switch to another product. Not all products and strengths will be for everyone, so it’s important to test the waters. While every person’s chemical makeup and reaction to products will vary, JustCBD products receive encouraging feedback that our products assist with pain management from new and repeat customers. What works for them may not work for you in the exact same way. In other words, you should always test the waters to see how much CBD and what products work best. And at the same time, knowledge is power. We suggest users read a bit more on the subject; there is plenty of informative data about legal CBD online. We also recommend discussing CBD with your physician.