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Description: At present, the charging situation of online course replacement has always been of concern to international students, but the basic price quoted by different online course replacement agencies for international students is also different. So today I will take the online course replacement agency as an example for everyone. Explain in detail the charging standards for online courses in the United States. American online course charge standard: First of all, the American online course charge standard should refer to the academic stage of the students. The basic quotation for online courses will be different according to your academic level. For example, the basic quotation of the online course replacement price at the high school level is: 598-798/week, the university-level online course replacement price is 698-898/week, and the online course replacement price at the academic level of master's degree and above is: 698-998/week. American online course replacement fee standard 2: In fact, no matter which US online course agent organization is, its charging standard is inseparable from the reference to the type of online course replacement. Depending on the subjects of online courses, there will be certain changes in prices. For example: some online courses that have a certain degree of difficulty in the agent training process, then the online course agent fees will be slightly higher. On the contrary, like some common types of online courses, the price will naturally be lower. American online course substitute fee standard 3: In addition to the above two foundations, the length of the American online course substitute is also a key reference factor. Although the online course is charged weekly, but if the online course takes a long time, then the basic price of the Hwbangshou homework assistant online course will also be discounted. Of course, this also includes an investigation of the amount of homework of the students in the online class. If the amount of homework is large and complicated, the charges may also change.