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Kpopomo - Online store

Title: Kpopomo - Online store
URL: https://kpopomo.shop/
Description: K-Pop has become a huge wave not only in South Korea, but it has also spread that wave all around the world! K-Pop fans are dedicated their love and support towards their idols, often taking time and saving their money to go to the K-Pop idol’s concerts and fan meetings, and they buy a lot of K-Pop merchandise, as well! Through this article, Channel Korea will tell you about popular K-Pop merchandise, so keep on reading Basically, K-Pop idols and their agencies release various kind of merchandise. The merchandise is released with new, different concepts, and used to conjunction with the release of an official album, as well. For example, when a certain idol group was releasing a new album, they also release various kinds of merchandise with the album’s theme, such as lightsticks, posters, photo cards, clothes, and more. Do you want to know more about K-Pop merchandise? Let’s find out the details, here!